Another thing which you should do is frequently check your credit scores

Look to see if there are details of any new credit cards, transactions or loans which you aren’t aware of. If you find any, make sure you take immediate steps to get them rectified.

Sometimes, criminals use your stolen ID’s to open up lines of credit. You can prevent this from ever happening by freezing your credit altogether. This means no additional credit will be issued in your name without additional controls and information.

Lastly, always be alert for any of the below signs of identity theft:

  • False information on credit reports including address, employer’s name, or social security number.
  • Missing mail. If your bills haven’t arrived or come late, speak with your creditors. A missing bill may just indicate that someone is using your account and has changed the billing address, so you don’t find out.
  • Getting credit cards which you haven’t applied for.
  • Having credit approvals denied or being charged high rates of interest without a valid reason.
  • Receiving notices or calls regarding due bills for services or products you didn’t purchase.

This should be more than enough to ensure you never have your identity stolen in today’s world.