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Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast…

I recently heard the phrase “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” I’m not sure who said it first, but it seemed like a poignant statement, so I wrote it down to remember for later. As we have worked on development of the culture in our organization over the past few years, similar statements have echoed through… [Read More]

Why you should keep your software up to date

ACCi has long maintained the premise that an organization should keep its software up to date – both the basic operating system and standard office applications, as well as the line of business software applications. Here’s an interesting article about how keeping your software up to date can save you headaches down the road.

When it comes to your Information Technology Operations, Think Preventive Medicine, not Emergency Room visits

Regarding your business view of IT operations, here’s a link to an eFolder article about our philosophy of changing from the “emergency room” process to the “preventive medicine” strategy employed at ACCi. eFolder has been a technology partner of ACCi for the past five years and provides data protection solutions for our clients. We would appreciate your feedback and… [Read More]

Recovering After A Disaster

With today’s workforce pushing out an increased amount of information, data, and projects, the need for quick recovery from a disaster is imperative. However, statistics have shown that the majority of small businesses are not prepared for such an occurrence. With any type of disaster scenario, whether natural or human-caused, IT systems are becoming more… [Read More]