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ACCi teamed up with Adams and Reese Law Firm for this Lunch and Learn to bring you legal aspects of IT in today’s market. Cloud Security – It is a team effort. The purpose of the presentation is to educate business decision makers regarding cloud security responsibilities and concepts. Each topic was explained with an understanding that… [Read More]

A Note From Our President

  A Seat at Your Board Table By: Bobby Welch – President Technology. Some days you love it, and some days it is the bane of your existence. On most good days, you typically do not even think about technology. It sits quietly in the background and performs amazing tasks for you with speed, precision,… [Read More]

Importance of an IT Budget

ACCi understands that budgeting is more predictable when you outsource to a seasoned IT consultant that offers fixed rates. We have learned over the years that it is a more cost-effective alternative to break-fix firms that charge per incident, which can sometimes be more expensive than expected. Here are reasons why IT budgeting is valuable for… [Read More]

Fileless Malware: Why You Should Care

As organizations adapt, so too do criminals.  Criminals have been advancing their methods of attack just like organizations have been advancing their methods for conducting business.  Question:  Who has time to look for different indicators as these hackers change their strategy of attack?  ACCi is a proactive answer to these ongoing headaches and vulnerabilities.  We… [Read More]

Check out ACCi’s YouTube Channel!

Please check out ACCi’s YouTube channel and subscribe & share! Great things happening with ACCi and we want to share with our clients, faithful friends, and followers!   Please check back with us periodically as we update our channel with short clips about our ACCi staff, IT news, and other information that will help you stay… [Read More]

Cyber Arms Race

We are in the cyber arms race together.  How can we keep the upper hand?  ACCi partners with vendors to strengthen our threat intelligence which we pass down to our clients – our proactive approach is to handle threats seamlessly so clients have no interruption in their day to day operations.  We want you to… [Read More]

How Secure Are Your Users’ Passwords?

When we think of our company’s security – we often think of things such as antivirus, firewall, and backup.  Here is a great article with tips you can share with your users to ensure they create strong passwords.  Sometimes we don’t think our employees can be our first line of defense against a security breach…. [Read More]

Steaks & Strategy ~ Team Personalities

  We had a great Lunch and Learn – a.k.a. Steaks & Strategy in February!  We enjoyed Flemings with clients and other businesses in the Birmingham area. ACCi is not just a technology company. We are a relationship building company that uses technology to promote the success of our clients. People serving people – that’s… [Read More]