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The Basics of Cyber Security Training for End-Users

Generally, a solid security awareness training program should cover the following topics: Phishing and Social Engineering Access, Passwords and Connection Device Security Physical Security Let’s dive into how you can best educate clients and end-users on each of these topics.  Click on the link below to read more:  

Community Service!

A community service project is an excellent way to bring about change on a small, intimate level. Today, a few of our ACCi team members were able to lend a hand in packing outreach bags for SafeHouse of Shelby County. Community involvement changes lives. ACCi cares about the community and are we are dedicated to giving… [Read More]

How to Stop Fileless Malware

The key is not to look at the file but, instead, look at how it behaves when it runs on the endpoint. This is effective because although there is a large and increasing number of malware variants, they operate in very similar ways. This is similar to how we educate our children to avoid people… [Read More]

You May Not Need Fire Insurance If…

View this article written by: Charles Farrior, CPCM Charles is a Business (Operational and Human Capital) Solution Designer, Charles Farrior Solutions,  

ACCi Acquires NetGain Technologies of Alabama

BIG NEWS!! Bobby Welch, ACCi’s President is very excited to announce that this morning ACCi has acquired NetGain Technologies of Alabama, LLC.  NetGain Technologies, Inc. is a Managed Service Provider headquartered in Lexington, KY with locations in several states.  ACCi has acquired their Birmingham location including their clients, their managed services agreements, and one of… [Read More]

Company insiders behind 1 in 4 data breaches – study

Ransomware, external hackers dominate 2018 probe, natch By John Leyden 10 Apr 2018  The admins among you will be unsurprised to discover that, more than a quarter of the time, data breaches across the world originated between the chair and the keyboard of organisation “insiders”. And no, we don’t mean they clicked on a dodgy link… The latest edition… [Read More]

HTG – ACCi’s Peer Group Organization

  Bobby Welch our President, Keith Keller our COO,  and Joel Sargent our Director of Engineering participated in the Mission Arlington Project a few days ago.  They went with their peer group organization called HTG.  One of the highlights of their meeting was a trip to Mission Arlington where they spent the afternoon helping the team… [Read More]

Software Development

Our development team consists of certified, full-time software developers capable of producing a wide range of applications using industry standard development tools. We take pride in our ability to understand the needs of each client and to design software solutions that meet each of those unique challenges.  From initial project scoping through coding and testing… [Read More]