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Rise of voice recognition creates new cyber security threat

by: Thomas Macaulay Voice activation is a familiar feature in the millions of UK households that have an active smart speaker, and the quarter of British consumers who use a virtual assistant on their smartphones. But has the technology created a new cyber threat? Hackers need only a short audio sample to synthesize or replay a human voice convincingly enough to trick people and security… [Read More]

A Security Risk for Small Businesses

Ignorant Employees Sometime, your employees’ mistake or negligence can wreak havoc on your business data, network and programs. For example, some employees leave their unattended PC open or visit malicious sites and sources. Or they may keep the devices containing sensitive data here and there. So, they should be educated on cyber security.  Check out… [Read More]

Dark Web

From: Laurie Clark ‘The dark web’ brings to mind furtive young cybercriminals soliciting drugs, arms or worse from the internet equivalents of filthy souks – crammed with shady stalls stacked high with illicit produce. And let’s be honest, this perception isn’t a million miles away from the truth. Given the ease and much better functionality… [Read More]

The most common social engineering attacks

Insights from: Tamlin Magee The human is the weakest link in the chain of security – you can have all the best technology in place to offset the risk of a malicious attack, but any organisation that doesn’t train its staff or have best practices in place is at even bigger risk. In fact, the most effective… [Read More]

Disaster recovery and business continuity: A best practice guide

Thoughts from: Paul Timms, managing director of IT support provider MCSA   With downtime leading to reputation’s damage, lost trade and productivity loss, organizations are starting to realize continuity planning and disaster recovery are critical to success. Business continuity needs to be properly planned, tested and reviewed in order to be successful. For most businesses,… [Read More]

As Malware, Ransomware Surge in 2018, SonicWall Raises Alarm on Encrypted Threats and Chip-Based Attacks

  SonicWall, the trusted security partner protecting more than 1 million networks worldwide, announces record numbers for malware volume, ransomware attacks, encrypted threats and chip-based attacks in the mid-year update of the 2018 SonicWall Cyber Threat Report. Look at this article below:  


The businesses and individuals that provide goods and services to an organization are considered its vendors. A company could work with a few, dozens, or even hundreds of different vendors, all with different contract terms, pay rates, and points of contact that must be managed through a vendor manager. The term vendor management is used when describing the… [Read More]

Next-Gen Security

From: Brett Cheloff What are we trying to secure? Today, data dominates our personal lives, finances, and—with the adoption of big data—our businesses. Maintaining data integrity as it takes over so many major decisions is a top priority. We don’t want to make poor choices because we got the facts wrong. Ultimately, data security is… [Read More]