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What’s a guest Wi-Fi network, and why do you need one?

The modern world is so hooked up to online services that when guests come around, “How ya doing?” will probably be followed by “What’s your Wi-Fi password?” But the hospitable host probably doesn’t realize that revealing this information could pose a network security risk. For example, guests might accidentally download a malicious program or connect… [Read More]

ACCi Gives Back to the Community

We are excited to be involved in our community and making a difference in young lives!  This year, ACCi is sponsoring a U12 Travel Team.  NorthStar ministry has an annual banquet each year to showcase their efforts, and ACCi will be sponsoring a table.  The banquet is being held on Thursday, November 14th in Homewood…. [Read More]

How to Make Your Company Culture More Cyber Aware

The biggest problem companies face when it comes to cybersecurity is often not the technology; it’s the people.  And hackers (often called “bad actors”) know this. That’s why it takes more than strong IT to keep your company safe. It “takes a village.” Beyond technology, the best way to protect your business from cybercriminals is with a… [Read More]

What is the Alabama Breach Notification:

Application. A person or commercial entity (collectively, Entity) that acquires or uses sensitive personally identifying information. Security Breach Definition. The unauthorized acquisition of data in electronic form containing sensitive personally identifying information. Good-faith acquisition of sensitive personally identifying information by an employee or agent of an Entity is not a security breach, provided that the information is… [Read More]

What an SMB Should Expect from their CIO

Great Chief Information Officers are invaluable resources for any organization. They are also expensive, and for good reason. It’s a high-profile job with a lot of responsibility. They create business value through technology and plan strategically for business growth. They ensure that the company’s technology systems and processes are aligned with business goals. Some of… [Read More]

Eight Anti-Phishing Tricks for Your Company

With the ever-changing digital economy and its global impact, small to mid-sized businesses are on guard and on careful watch. With so much news on cyberattacks and with cybercriminals becoming increasingly creative with their methods, companies are looking for ways to out-clever the fox, so to speak. First of all: What exactly is a “phishing… [Read More]

Plan for Change

For your company to survive, let alone thrive, you need to be able to adapt to change. Your technology and your IT provider must be more than just up-to-date, but also, they must be versatile to prepare and react to change, especially unwelcomed change. Positive and negative change always happens with technology. As new technology… [Read More]