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ACCi Team Outing!

TopGolf Team outing! We enjoyed lunch and a few laughs with our team before the holidays! Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a safe and Prosperous New Year! Click the link for a quick glance of the beautiful day! Topgolf  

Learn to spot any scams or spam

Some phishing scams are easily identifiable. Some other phishing attempts through email, social networking, IM, etc. look legitimate. The only way of ensuring you never fall for these scams is by not clicking on links that are sent to you. If you get an email from your bank, don’t just assume it’s actually from your… [Read More]

How to Protect your Online Identity Effectively

Identity theft is a kind of scam, deception, or crime which results in the loss of passwords, usernames, banking information, social security numbers, credit card numbers, health ID’s, etc. which are then used to commit crimes like fraud. Identity theft online occurs when users fall for confidence or phishing scams, download malicious software, use insecure… [Read More]

Insider Threat

A malicious employee is more dangerous to your sensitive data than external threats or technical vulnerabilities. The losses from the crime conducted by insiders are significant as these people are familiar with the company’s data system and have access to the sensitive accounts. According to a new study from Intel Security, insider threats are responsible… [Read More]

Open Wi-Fi Open Wi-Fi

Open Wi-Fi networks involve unencrypted connections, compromised machines or even the hotspot itself can be malicious—leaving user’s data at a great risk. It is reported that there are 100,000 unsecured public Wi-Fi across the world, meaning that one in four is not secure. What to Do? Avoid using public Wi-Fi networks for the processing of… [Read More]

Access to Unauthorized Person

You are running into a risk of data breaching if you don’t care who is accessing your data systems or sensitive IT zones. A malicious person just needs a flash drive to get his hands on your sensitive data. What to Do? Limit the access Don’t permit outsider or unauthorized person to use your system…. [Read More]

Dream or Dilemma – What Buying a Business is Really Like

ACCi’s President &  Managing Partner was invited to speak today at ITNation’s conference in Orlando, FL.   IT Nation 2018 welcomes technology industry leaders and professionals from around the world to experience three impactful days of speakers, sessions, and networking focused on business best practices, thought leadership, and growth. Thousands attend to gain greater insight into… [Read More]

Using Outdated Software

Not updating your software doesn’t mean you won’t get the latest version—it means that you are exposing your data to security vulnerabilities which hackers are quick to exploit. Apart from that, your system will be plagued with software incompatibility, compliance issues, and poor performance. What to Do? Keep your all software and tools updated—that’s a… [Read More]