Insider Threat

A malicious employee is more dangerous to your sensitive data than external threats or technical vulnerabilities. The losses from the crime conducted by insiders are significant as these people are familiar with the company’s data system and have access to the sensitive accounts. According to a new study from Intel Security, insider threats are responsible for 43% of data breaches.

What to Do?

  • Prepare an enterprise-wide risk assessment for protecting your assets from both insiders and outsiders.
  • Authorize your employee only for the resources they require to do their jobs.
  • Implement strict password and account management policies and practices.
  • Log, audit and monitor employee online actions.
  • Disable computer access following resignation and termination.
  • Always have a secure backup and recovery plan in place.

So you must have understood how cyber-security is as important as your asset for your business. One more thing—stay current on security trends to learn about latest threats and plan accordingly.