Steaks and Strategy ~ Q4 2017

Thanks to all who attended our Steaks and Strategy this past Friday at Flemings – we appreciate you taking the time to join us.  Our discussion covered “All things Cloud”.  Cloud computing is simply this: the same stuff you do with your computer, such as office tasks or storing files, except done online.  The term ‘cloud computing’ comes from the visual image of a cloud of data that floats out on the Internet, and which can be accessed from anywhere there’s an Internet connection, on any computing device.

Here are some benefits and challenges covered in Keith Keller’s presentation on our discussion of the Cloud.

  • Benefits:
    •   Offsite
    •   Unattended
    •   Secured (if you choose the correct provider)
    •   No purchases of media
  • Challenges:
    •  Requires Strong Internet Bandwidth
    •  Restoration of data requires time
    •  Monthly rental costs
    •  Why consider cloud-based?
    •  Reduction of onsite equipment and some infrastructure
    •  Implies reduction of onsite “care and feeding”
    •  Reduction of upgrade costs
    •  Normalizing monthly costs from capitalization
    •  Flexibility of access

If any questions come to mind – please feel free to give us a call – we will be glad to help you.